West End Live 2020

Hey guys I took a little break from the blog but now I´m back and with some news. Since last time West End Live have announced this years date and I really hope I will be able to go again because it was to long now!

This week I will also go away to see Sister Act here in Stockholm which is going to be so nice. I really look forward to it.

Some reviews are on their way as well.

Right In The Feels Friday | Part 2

Welcome back to another Right In The Feels Fridays. Here I share some of the most powerful, hard hitting, emotional lyrics from musicals that hit me straight in my heart and never left. Today I will share one of my favourite lines from the Disney musical Newsies


“Behold the brave battalion that stands side by side
Too few in number and too proud to hide
Then say to the others who did not follow through
You’re still our brothers, and we will fight for you”

The line I´m thinking of today is mostly the last powerful lines
Then say to the others who did not follow through, You´re still our brothers and we will fight for you. Goosebumps just thinking about it. They are fighting for all of the people who in some kind of way can´t be there to join them. Man that is powerful stuff!

Movie Adaptation | Once


In this movie adaptation we meet a man that struggles with singing his own songs and a young mother struggle with living in a new city. One day they stumble upon eachother on the streets of Dublin. The two soon find they are kindred spirits and soon they both find eachother pushing one another to reach their musical dreams.

This is a movie I´ve heard alot of and I love that it´s focused on music bringing people together no matter where they come from or who they are. It makes me feel happy and warm because this is one subject close to my heart. Because when I visit London, I always take the time to stop and listen to the talents performing on the streets just doing what they love. Doing music and spreading love through it.

The photography in the movie is what caught my interest most of all. It feels like someone just hung with these people with a camera and that makes it come alive alot. It really draws the audience and make you feel like you are a part of it all.

Sadly this won´t become a new favourite, for that it should have had an awesome soundtrack and that is not the case. Some songs are great, some I forget straight away.

I´m back from France

Hello fellow musical nerd, wow I did not expect to be away for this long!
Like I said in the previous post back in October I went to Disneyland in Paris for a week of fun and adventures. What I didn´t expect was to get a flu that never left me alone, until now. So now I´m back, with a musical booking to Sister Act in my luggage. Can´t wait!

Let´s celebrate me beeing back with a photo from Moulin Rouge. Ofcourse I couldn´t keep away from this sight. My obsession kind of started back when the movie came out…


Spotify | My Musical Playlist

Hello fellow musical nerds!

Right now I am out traveling because it´s soon my birthday so what better way is it then to celebrate it on Disneyland in Paris. But that was not what this post was about, let´s talk about a great app called Spotify.


I belive you all have heard of it or are using it as well and since I´m away and didn´t have time to prepare better posts (sorry about that) I thought that I should take this opportunity to share my Musical Playlist on Spotify. Just click the link below and enjoy some 11+ hours musical madness that I have created and that just keeps on growing day by day…

Playlist | It´s A Musical Thing

Wicked & Moulin Rouge

Today I want to share with you something from a swedish competitions tv-show and in this episode we got to enjoy some of swedens best when they sang songs from Wicked and Moulin Rouge. This section basically is the two teams singing songs and the other teams should answer some questions like who wrote the songs or musical, made the costumes or actors who played roles in movie adaptations.

Marsha Songcome & Martin Redhe Nord
Defying Gravity from Wicked

Tuva B Larsen & Philip Jalmelid
Come What May from Moulin Rouge

Disney | Aladdin


We all know the story of Aladdin right? And if you have been living under a rock for an eternity you have probably missed out on the movie about the streetrat Aladdin who one day unknowingly meets the princess Jasmine. But at the palace Jafar are planning on something big, so he lures Aladdin into a cave to retrive a magical lamp. Ofcourse everything goes wrong so the magical lamp ends up with Aladdin instead. Out of the lamp a genie appeares and gives Aladdin 3 wishes.

This is the live action movie and I was a bit scared of it since it has become a huge favourite of mine, thanks to the West End musical. But I didn´t have to be worried because I really think they did a great job with this one. Some parts actually reminded me of the musical itself. Something I liked very much was how they adapted Friend In Me to the big screen and made it to something new but at the same time respected the original.

Did they need a new song? No. Did it make one anyway? Yes. It was good but not a wow factor for me sadly. Liked the lyrics though and belive that if someone else make a cover of it I will probably love it!